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Travel deals Transylvia Romania

“Casa Careel”                                                    Travel deals Transylvania 

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Discover, Experience and Understand.


Sylvaticus Travels & Tours,

Is een jong bedrijf die vakanties naar allerlei verschillende Oost Europese en Aziatische landen organiseert en gaat organiseren.

Het bedrijf wordt door Bas Douma gerund. Hij heeft een brede interesse op het gebied van natuur, cultuur en alles wat daarmee verbonden is. Ook organiseert Sylvaticus Travels & Tours een vakantiereis in Roemenië in Cluj-Napoca en voornamelijk in het dorp Tranisu. Dit is een programma van tien dagen lang en geeft u een goed idee van de interessante cultuur en het natuurschoon die in dit gedeelte van Roemenië aanwezig is. Hieronder is een overzicht te zien wat u tijdens deze reis gaat zien en doen (onder voorbehoud).

Mocht u behoefte hebben aan meer informatie, dan kunt u Bas Douma e-mailen via: (Dit kan nog veranderen in een officieel emailadres in december)

On day one you will travel to Romania on your own, to Cluj-Napoca. There you will be welcomed warmly by your tour guide (Bas Douma) in a (later determined) restaurant. From there, you will move to a three stars hotel in which you will stay the first two nights. There will not be any evening programme, which gives you the possibility to discover the city a bit and/or to settle down in the hotel.


On day one you will travel to Romania on your own, to Cluj-Napoca. There you will be welcomed warmly by your tour guide (Bas Douma) in a (later determined) restaurant. From there, you will move to a three stars hotel in which you will stay the first two nights. There will not be any evening programme, which gives you the possibility to discover.

BBQ met Jos en Joy 2015  Prieel "Casa Careel"

On day three you will travel to the village Tranisu in which you will stay until day six. You will go to this village by train (local transport). On the way the travel group will pass a certain amount of towns and other interesting highlights about which you will get some information. You will arrive at the train station Valea Draganului (the name of the valley in which the village is situated) and you will visit a market in a town. At this market you have the possibility to buy certain fruits, vegetables, herbs, sweets and other products which you like. After visiting this market, you will continue your nine kilometers long walk towards the accommodation in which you will stay. After arriving there, there is a free schedule in which you can lunch, settle down, relax and prepare for the next day. In the evening there will a meeting to talk about the schedule of tomorrow.

Traditionele kleding Tranisu



Day four will be a hiking day. This day there will be a hike to the agrarian village Tranisu. While this hike the agrarian village culture which is present in this part of Romania will be the main topic while this hike of thirteen kilometers. This hike will cover the entire day. After arriving back at the accommodation there will be a short meeting about the schedule of next day. It will be dinner time and after dinner there is not any activity scheduled.

Eugen Negru

While day five you will apply a permaculture workshop and put it into practice afterwards. You will get information while the workshop. After you will gather ingredients for the traditional BBQ that will happen in the evening. After the BBQ there will be a bonfire.

Cursus en workshops  Ruïne Bologa

Day six will be a hiking day again. At this day you will make a hike of thirteen kilometers. While this hike you can experience the agrarian live on the countryside outside the villages and there will also be a chance to check out the regional nature better. We will return in the late afternoon, in which you can relax, as well as in the evening.

Het melken van de schapen in Tranisu.

At day seven you will return to Cluj-Napoca by train. You will walk back to the train station (9 kilometers). The arriving time in Cluj-Napoca will be while the beginning of the afternoon. While the afternoon there is a possibility to visit a few more museums. We will finish our travels with a meeting with nice food and drinks together in the evening.

Day eight is the day that you will leave Romania and be happy about the wonderful travel you just completed.

Traditionelemarkt in Cluj-Napoca  Traditioneel Transylvaans eten

To get more information, visit the website of Sylvaticus Travels & Tours (, the Facebook page (, or send an email to


The price indication is €650 – €750 (tax included).


  • all accommodations,
  • all entree fees,
  • all the transport while the holiday trip, except transport on day one and day eight,
  • all guides.


  • the travel to/from Romania,
  • personal expenses,
  • all meals (with the exception of breakfast at day two and eight and the BBQ),


Travelers’ profile:


  • go for walks regularly, have a good stamina and are able to walk fifteen kilometers per day in a hilly landscape with your backpack;
  • like to experience different cultures, adapt easily and can deal with sudden changing situations;
  • are interested in local (agricultural) culture and/or forested, mountainous landscapes with occasionally steep trails;
  • can deal with limited comfort and are willing to sleep in rooms with unknown travelers.


Guide’s profile:


  • has knowledge of nature and the local culture;
  • is able to communicate with you in an advanced level about different topics and speaks Dutch (mother language), English (advanced), Spanish (intermediate), German (intermediate) and Romanian (basic knowledge);
  • knows Cluj-Napoca and the region of Tranisu well;
  • is able to offer you a general view of the area where you will be with this trip.







For more information Facebook Craft Connection Trade co.

E-Mail adress:


Gliding in Valea Draganului








“Casa Careel” Roemenië Transylvania

Category : Careel House , Turism

C.G. Todita                                          

Casa Careel                                                  E-mail:

Tranisu 172 B

cod: 407477                                                   tel. mob:   0031(0)630339114  and/of

com. Poieni                                                   tel. mob:   0031(0)630512166

jud. Cluj                                                 Romania: 0040 (0)364 737328

ROMANIA (te Transsylvanië)                       (only from 15 May till 15 September)

Natural Green and Cooperation

Every year many families get together to talk about their holiday-plans.

Where are we going, how are we going there, what are we going to do, or, are we going to stay at home?

The choice of the destination is often determined by the attraction of the local culture, the landscape and scenery. Many holidaymakers who choose for eco- and agro tourism take nature and the natural environment into account.

In many holiday-resorts particularly the above-mentioned elements, are affected or threatened by tourism and the tourist activities connected with it.

We want to make a real effort to offer the group of eco- and agro tourists a holiday resort that comes up to the expectations of this special sort of campers; people who want to find recreation in Romania.

Casa Careel is affiliated to the foundation European Centre for Eco- and Agro Tourism (ECEAT)  to support its commitment to promote nature- and ecofriendly tourism. We want to put the guests into contact again with the biological farmers in the natural reserve of Mount Vladeasa (Apuseni Carpathians) in the National Park Apuseni.

This contact is offered by way of various opportunities which are shown on the information board (“Owlsboard) on the camping site.

On the site various articles are offered for sale which are made in Tranisu and the area round Draganului.

These articles are produced biologically dynamic by the local population.

Public utilities on our site will be durative and biologically accounted for.

Our location is easy to reach and is situated in very quiet surroundings with little traffic along a very pure mountain stream. The village of Tranisu is close to the natural reserve of the mountain Vladeasa (Apuseni Carpathians), in the Natural Park Apuseni.

Mount Vladeasa is 1850 meters high. In these surroundings are many walking trails and some of them are marked. At a distance of 12 km, high up in the mountains in gorgeous surroundings, rises the River Dragan.

Here you will also find one of the biggest water reservoirs of the country.

We and the surroundings offer you the following opportunities:

.           Camping with your own tent or caravan

.           Renting small log-cabins (2 – 4 persons, 2 adults and 2 children)

.           Renting cabana (min. 4 to max. 8 persons).  4 of the beds are in a small attic

.           Rest, walking (with or without a guide)

.           Fishing, mountain biking

.           Swimming in the river with clean water from the mountain

.`          Games, like table tennis, badminton, boule (lawn bowling) and darting

.            or, if you like, Romanian traditional games

.           Romania offers you a good and delicious kitchen (food and drinks)

.           Workshops like:

–           painting, pen drawing, intuitive painting starting from the

five senses  and drawing

–           durable gardening

–           traditional Romanian cooking

.           BBQ on our own grounds (let us know the number of people, your wishes

connected with the meat, two days in advance)

.          Special place for campfire (in consultation with us)

.           Celebrating your birthday or other family events

.           Business outings and meeting rooms with beamer

.           Common use of the teahouse situated on the river

.           Pharmacy and small village shop within walking distance for immediate                         necessities

Gliding in Valea Draganului





We are looking forward to receiving you with warm Romanian hospitality!

Carmen Todita

Eelke Wiersma