About Carmen Todita


FOTO Carmen website_biografie 2016

Carmen Todita is born in Romania and raised in the marvelous Transylvania. She has completed her studies as a economist in Cluj-Napoca at the University Babes-Bolyai.

After she had begun her career as an economist in a large factory, her entrepreneurial urge has won and she started her own company along with a Dutch partner in Cluj-Napoca.
By personal circumstances she emigrates in 1999 to The Netherlands, where in the first year she was bussy with her integration and naturalization process. Her first work in Netherlands was on an expedition department of a publishing company in Nijkerk.

With her cheerful and innovative character, her strong communication properties and flexibility, she has find fast another working environment in the municipality of Apeldoorn (Department of Spatial Information). In addition to her work at the municipality, she find a new challenge in 2007, when via a Netherlands-funded project for a learning-working process taught a group of Romanian young people (from Transylvania).

In 2011 she worked for The Groenhorst College in Almere where she has carried out the administrative work. Her initiative power, the social commitment and her will to help so many people in need and to help less fortunate groups, brought her the idea to create her private business.

In addition to all her above work, Carmen Todita has a great passion for art. In her spare time keep herself engaged in painting and has had several exhibitions in The Netherlands.