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Carmen Todita  was born on 30 November 1961 in Romania.  She grew up in Transylvania, the most fairytale-like part of Romania.

As a child, she already loved drawing and painting, and her drawing blocks were fast-filled. Also, walls, tables and the fridge in her parents’ house regarded Carmen as a great drawing canvas, sometimes to the madness of her parent.  Her imagination came to life sometimes on the corners of her scriptures during the teaching hours or on an address book during a telephone conversation.

Carmen has a natural talent for painting and during her childhood she has developed her talent herself, by making her passion for drawing and painting her hobby and only in later life she has followed several targeted short courses to advance and painting techniques. Her parents wanted her to study economics, but her soul yearned to do art. When she turned 55, she had gathered the courage to do a training charts and painting techniques on the Folk University In Cluj-Napoca, in Romania. The next year (2019) she finished her studies and continues with a new course Creative Therapy.

She has a wide variety of pen drawings and paintings with diverse themes and different techniques, but she often opts for tantalizing themes such as frightening and vigilant animals, harmony, flowers, and the beauty of nature.

Because of this, she has been able to develop his own style with a technique that fits her perfectly: Pen Drawing. Under her guidance during the course and/or workshop she supports your inspiration to come together, step by step, to a nice result. A beautiful pen drawing to the living room wall is a valuable property, especially if you can bless that you have made it yourself.

She is also working on a whole new technique: Intuitive painting, based on the use of human senses. She uses interesting methods to awaken your intuition. Nostalgic, but also new feelings will come to you. With the help of your intuition, the colors or memories you will be able to put your experience on the white canvas.

Carmen would like to pass on her inspiration and experience to all people who love the pen drawing and/or painting and possibly want to do more with their talent. At her workshops or courses are also welcome people who have never made a painting. Whether you believe it or not, art is in your own right!

Are you curious? Would you like to know more about its activities? Please feel free to contact her.

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Carmen Todita

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